I underwent classical guitar and music theory training during my childhood then worked with computer audio for more than twenty years.

I won the “Best Music” award at the ‘Fantasy/Sci-Fi Film & Screenplay Festival’ for the first short movie I scored: “Mosaic”.

I’m a trailer music composer for Transported Audio and a moderator for Max Konyi’s Discord server which boasts a vibrant community of over 2000 members.

Whether you require a comprehensive end-to-end music production solution or need assistance with mixing and mastering existing tracks, I am available and enthusiastic to collaborate.

I am versatile in composing across various genres, including orchestral, epic, electronic, ambient, and post-rock.

I also have experience working with Unity and FMOD, which helps me integrate and optimize audio for interactive experiences.

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I can play and record acoustic and electric guitars/bass, and I have a huge collection of virtual instrument libraries. These libraries includes everything from orchestral instruments to cutting-edge electronic sounds, world music instruments to cinematic effects. Each instrument being playable note by note by my keyboard allowing me to have at my fingertips a world of sonic possibilities. 

Crafting game music isn’t just about making something that sounds good. It’s about turning visuals into an interactive auditory experience. While good production skills are crucial, understanding mood techniques, emotional atmospheres, and using music as a storyteller are just as important. From layering to adaptive music, connecting instruments with ideas and characters, there are numerous ways for composers to make a game truly immersive. This dedication sets me apart from generic music libraries.


"Fabien is very good with music production. Like great ... not  "good for upwork" but instead  "AAA quality". If you want a professional result you are going to want to work with him."

Colin N. Game Designer

"Extremely professional and skilled, also very communicative so it has been very easy to work with him. The work has been perfect."

Jose M. Producer

"Fabien was wonderful to work with! He is a very talented sound engineer. If you have any doubts about hiring him, let this review assure you that, he will get the job done exactly as you wish!"

Dylan B. Game Designer

"Fabien did a really great job for me in a very reasonable time frame. I chose him because he displayed knowledge above and beyond what I needed. I definitely recommend him! Thanks for the music, sir!"

Josh L. Producer




Star Rising is a game inspired by dungeon crawlers and deck builders alike.



Timebound is a WIP video game (2D timeloop puzzle/adventure), where manipulating time unveils intricate consequences in an enigmatic world.








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